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Since 2003, The Paint Shop has worked with many residential building contractors and homeowners across the Phoenix metropolitan area and Northern Arizona. We have painted thousands of homes across the area. We offer free color consultations and would love the opportunity to work with you.

Services We Offer

Exterior Painting

Outdoor elements can wear down exterior paint and make your property look rundown and shabby. In order to properly care for the exterior of your property, we can provide you with full-service exterior painting. We will power wash surfaces to remove mildew and dirt, remove flaking or cracked paint, caulk any cracks, and repair damaged surfaces. Once the property is prepared the areas are primed and painted to your specifications while protecting any surrounding fixtures and surfaces. You can count on our professional team to clean up after the job is done and inspect the work to make sure nothing was overlooked.

Interior Painting

The right interior paint can take your space from looking cold and unwelcoming to inviting and upbeat. Our professionals will properly prepare all surfaces by hand washing or power washing walls, and patching up any damage. Everything will then be primed and painted with high-quality paint customized to your liking. We’ll take care to protect the surrounding areas so moldings, doors, and the floor won’t be damaged. You can also rely on our team to clean up the work area so you won’t have to worry about paint chips or equipment being left behind.

Electrostatic Painting

One of the more technical aspects of painting, electrostatic painting provides you with a professional finish that will last for years to come. This is a high-tech procedure that uses special equipment that electrically charges paint particles that help them spread evenly across the given metal surface when applied with a paint sprayer. The metal surface in question is grounded and charged with the opposite electrical charge so the paint will be attracted to the surface. This process gives you an even finish with little paint being wasted. It’s also ideal for painting hard-to-reach areas. If you’re looking to take advantage of this process you have to choose a skilled crew who knows how to properly execute electrostatic painting.

Faux Finishing

Decorative paint finishes like those that replicate wood, stone, or even marble can give your space personality and reflect your personal style nicely. Our professional team can take your ideas and use their skills and knowledge to create stunning faux finishes that will impress everyone who sees them. You can also expect the same level of care as you would from our other services.

Color Consultation

Picking out your paint colors sounds like an easy enough job but sometimes figuring out what colors will complement your space or what combination of colors go well together can be stressful and confusing. This is where we can help. We will give you our expert advice to help you figure out what paint colors work well with each other as well as your space in order to convey the look and feel you desire.

Staining and Refinishing

If you’re looking for staining and refinishing work, our team can provide you with skillful work that will give you a beautiful final product. We won’t take shortcuts and will do everything you ask to create exactly what you’re looking for. You can count on us to use all of the best materials and equipment to do a thorough and professional job that you will be proud to show off.

Fence/Gate/Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Gates and fences are subject to the elements and will periodically need to be painted and refinished in order to keep them looking their best. When you hire The Paint Shop Inc., you will get quality work done by our team of experts who know all of the best ways to paint and refinish those items. In addition, we can also paint and refinish the cabinets in your home or business in order to clean them up and make them look new again.

Garage Epoxy

When you’re looking to protect your garage floor from damage including weather damage, coating it in an epoxy paint will make it durable, easy to clean, and attractive looking for years to come. Our team will come in and do the job from start to finish including clean up in order to give you exactly what you want. You can choose the color and the thickness of the coating to get an individual look that suits your style.

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